Creating an Agile Environment to Support Sustainable Growth

'We do discuss with people, we do interact with people'

“I frankly disagree when anybody says that we are not agile. We do have waterfall concept, but at the same time one cannot say that we are not agile. We do discuss with people, and we do interact with people. The thing is that we set small, small targets, and when that small milestone is achieved we come together and discuss what went wrong and what went right. How do we go about it when we are behind the plan, and what’s the business impact? On one fine day we don’t say that this project is going wrong, and that we have lost money. We don’t do that. It’s the same with API as well as formulation.

Many of us are working on both the regulated and non-regulated markets. The major reason for going to non-regulated market is cost, it’s the business decision. We need to be very cost-competitive in non-regulated markets. We need to be very agile in our approach when we are shifting from the US market to a non-regulated market. We need to consider the IP scenario, and our efforts need to be more diversified.”

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