Creating an Agile Environment to Support Sustainable Growth

Creating an Agile Environment to Support Sustainable Growth

The panel discussion at Eminence Business Media’s 3rd Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management Summit 2020 deliberated on “Creating an Agile Environment to Support Sustainable Growth”. Here’s what the experts had to say…

‘Desperately looking forward to agile framework’

“The pharma industry is desperately looking forward to agile framework anticipating the desired change on these areas. However, the agile frame work should be understood by the project portfolio and CXO people in right perspective. It will not establish overnight.

Moreover, it requires systematic planning by top management. The initiative should be initiated from the CEO desk with proper detailed execution plan. The critical work will not be reduced but losses, rework, delay, lag time, time consuming processes will be reduced to considerable extend.

This is the value addition agile is bring to the table.

The tasks alignment as per the market demands/fluctuations and concerns/challenges with respect to the safety of the molecule can be better addressed by agile way of working rather than waterfall methodology. People interaction and knowledge is the backbone of agile framework. It is more people oriented than process, but keeps the process authenticity intact.

Critical process we must follow that is the customisation we need to configure when it comes to pharma agile project management. Less documentation does mean exclusive sprint have their place where team will document the artefacts which was not planned in previous sprints due to exigency or adhere to agile framework. Such customization is the responsibility of agile leaders and SMEs of the respective functions.”

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