EmoZeal - Saga of Emotional Lockdown

Human emotions arise in various colours. During the period of Covid-19 pandemic for more than a year and lockdowns stretched over many months, people experienced a variety of emotions. The external environment affects our internal environment. Covid-19 dramatically changed the external environment and impacted emotions. For some people, emotions rose through the roofs or took a deep nosedive. Many people experienced emotions they were not used to, and the overhaul caused distress for them. Hidden emotions surfaced, and the emotional volcanoes busted for quite a few. Many of us experienced unprecedented levels of anxiety, stress, and panic during the pandemic situation, to which some succumbed, and some survived. Those who thrived were the ones who had invested in their physical and emotional health and followed regular exercise practices for body, mind, and managing emotions. We came across tremendous changes in the pharmaceutical sector.  Manufacturing, production, distribution, sales, export, almost all sectors were under stress. 

The new year 2021 brings us a new gift, EmoZeal, Saga of Emotional Lockdown. The book (fiction) is from two experts in the field of humanity, a medical consultant and researcher, Dr. Mahesh Abhyankar, and a consultant in the emotional management space Ms. Aarti Bharj. Both authors have extensive experience in helping people deal with emotions and are advisors in human interactions. They bring you the beautifully crafted short stories about real-life emotional issues during pandemic times, which are set to inspire millions across the globe to transform their situation.

Pain in the heart sings aloud, Logic seizes.

In this book, we will meet common people who have uncommon stories to tell. You will read about hope and despair, love and break-ups, anxiety, and pain, along with the rays of awareness that transform lives. You will meet people from corporate like John, who hire panic due to extensive exposure to global news and people who lose their high-end jobs like Ashmit. You will witness the struggles of the women rising due to work from home and work at home situation. You will realise that relationships need emotions, and emotions need venting. We need to practice heart-to-heart communication. You will sympathize with people reeling under emotional distress now battling for sanity during lockdown days and repressed emotions now firing up like a volcano. You will also see tales of transformation with the help of the counsellor, and applaud the strength of the characters who manage to break the chains of compulsive thought patterns.

The theme of the book is Break….make….awake.

Each adversity in life presents an opportunity for reflection. Every calamity dawns a new cosmos if followed by introspection. If we appreciate the relevance of our miseries, they can strengthen us for soaring heights. Life always bristles with problems of varying magnitude. They are as incessant as waves of the sea. Every individual does try to solve them according to their judgment and ability. This process of surmounting the problems constitutes progress in life. However, sooner or later, a significant crisis crops up, proving it insurmountable. Covid-19 is proving to be such a crisis that we have not experienced in the last few decades, hence feeling not equipped to face it. Lockdown divided society into people striving for food vs. people craving for food.

The book covers the changing facade of human interactions, the reactions and responses of these common people, who are like you and me. They are vulnerable to the situation, they cry, they panic, they break down, but they manage to survive the wrath of destiny. Some of them, like Archana, discover a new identity during her Covid-19 treatment at the hospital. Some discover a larger sense of community, and some are still struggling with their own relationship issues. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the abodes of God had closed their doors, but God himself appeared, dressed in white, to save mankind. You will enjoy the doctor’s diary. Throughout this wonderful experiential journey, manages to touch almost every aspect of what was happening during pandemic days; you will be accompanied by a special friend who is either a witness or a catalyst of change.

That’s what the characters in this book do. They retrospect and rediscover the lost charm. They work hard towards achieving the transformation. Valour and worldly wisdom are of no avail to meet the challenges imposed on mankind by the seemingly catastrophic situation. When anxiety is crippling our defences globally, only self-knowledge inspired by spirituality and Divine Grace can equip a person to overcome this magnitude crisis. Believe in the life force and inner divinity that you carry within yourself. Believe in your contribution to the new world and manifest a better tomorrow. pandemic has taught us our needs are minimal. We evolve when we start thinking beyond me, myself, my family and start contributing to society as our extended family.

     We all have a journey to take, and we must acquire inner strength to do that. This book is your companion whenever you feel challenged by the situation. Set on the backdrop of pandemic, it beautifully depicts how each one of us is resilient and makes it through if we decide. The stream of life is far more potent than any calamity, provided we believe so. The stream of life is beyond all our griefs, sorrows, laughs, and blunders. Many pandemics and wars have happened on this earth, but humanity has survived because it is meant to be. We have to be ready to adapt to change and embrace it. Many pandemics have made their guest appearances on the stage of the universe until now, but remember that life force is bigger, still alive and kicking, just testing our patience!

Emotions zeal through the golden gates,

A path less trodden awaits footsteps.

Rethink, Rebuild, Re-energise, Rekindle

EmoZeal Saga of emotional lockdown is book of real people trying to maneuver their way through the pandemic. Each story depicts real lie emotional issues and coping mechanisms that can inspire millions across the globe.

Grab your copy of the book today!!



Dr Mahesh Abhyankar (drmva111@gmail.com)
Mrs Aarti Bharj (aartibharj@gmail.com)



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