Allpharm New Logo Launch

Allpharm Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which has been supplying some of the best technology from around the world to the solid oral part of Indian pharma for the last decade, has launched its new logo.

The red colour represents passion and energy. Passion for perfection and energy to serve.

The blue colour represents imagination, inspiration and sensitivity. Sensitivity to the needs of its customers.

The innovative “A” has a capsule shape within its body and a tablet shape to complete its message.

Allpharm Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a closely held family business, headed by the Directors Mr. Ravindrakumar Sharma (Chairman), Mr. Raunak Sharma (CEO), and Mrs. Rupa Sharma. The headquarters of the company is based in the heart of Pune city.

Established in the year 2012, Allpharm Technologies is primarily into agency business that has been supplying some of the best technology from around the world when it comes to the solid oral part of Indian pharma for the last decade. Their customers include most of the top 100 pharma companies in India.

The main Principals of the company are from South Korea. They are Sejong Pharmatech and NFA Co. Ltd.

Sejong Pharmatech was established in the year 1989 by Mr. W. W. Lee. Over an extraordinary journey covering more than three decades, Sejong has built some of the best machines for solid orals the world has ever seen. Winning multiple awards globally for innovation and technology, Sejong continues to push technology further and provides exceptional machinery globally.

Sejong’s relationship with the Indian pharma market is also very illustrious. With over 1200 machines working tirelessly, its mighty presence in the India pharma market is a force to be reckoned with.

Over the last ten years, Allpharm Technologies has been the partner of Sejong Pharmatech in India, looking after their sales and services and catering to the customers’ needs.

NFA Co. Ltd. is a relatively new entry in Indian pharma, although they were established in the year 1989. The technology they provide is unparalleled. Being the first South Korean company to hold a patent in the United States of America, their Vision Inspection machines are truly one of a kind.

Their products and technology are completely proprietary, built from the ground up within their factory.

They have created truly unique machines, and Allpharm Technologies hopes to bring their best technology to its customers. Having their first few breakthrough installations in India over the last couple of years, the company hopes to provide some of the best technology the industry has ever seen.

Allpharm Vision

The vision at Allpharm Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is very simple. The company follows the motto “Excellence Redefined”, and the goal is to provide excellent, world leading technology and service to all its customers.

  • Breakthrough Technology.
  • Superior processing and packaging solutions.

Excellent after sales service to ensure that the equipment they supply always provides superior performance and adheres to strict regulatory and quality requirements for the businesses they support.

Lastly, Allpharm Technologies also wish to give a big thank you to all the customers who have helped support the company to fulfill its vision over the last decade that it has existed, and that the company will continue to support them in all their requirements.