Quadro® Liquids group designs and manufactures single-pass, inline, high shear mixer technology that is used for powder incorporation and dispersion into liquids, liquid-into-liquid mixing and homogenizing.

Bringing decades of knowledge and applications experience to the customer problem, Quadro® Liquids prides itself on being the mixer manufacturer that provides solutions that other businesses cannot.

Quadro® Liquids is solving the processing challenges of manufacturers involved in particle
size reduction of API slurries. The Z Emulsifier and HV Emulsifier can improve particle and droplet size distribution, increase product yield and reduce milling time by reducing the number of passes

Furthermore, there is less degradation for specific APIs. This all helps to improve efficiency and improve the performance of the downstream equipment. These models are fully scalable and have a variety of tooling available to handle the specific requirements of both the lab and production environments.

Quadro® liquid blending and emulsification equipment is chosen time and again due to its higher shear output compared to other rotor-stator technology, for top quality results and reliability year after year.

One of the recent high volume applications was to help in the fight against Covid by supplying Quadro High Shear Mixers for manufacturing Hand Sanitizer. To önd out more about the story visit: https://www.quadroliquids.com/blog/how-to-manufacture-handsanitizer-using-high-shear-mixers.

Know how a leading API customer significantly improved their product milling process


  • User was running the Comil U30 machine without
  • continuous feeding
  • Granule size was large and its nature was hard
  • Lot of heat was being generated
  • API was sticky, leading to choking of screen holes


  • Quadro team recommended not to stop Comil U30 during
  • entire milling process
  • Also the infeed was made controlled and continuous.
  • This allowed the Comil for longer run and reduced the
  • occurrence of screen holes blinding

“With the help of Our Quadro Team the API customer witnessed a significant improvement

The existing process (404 kg) took 5 hours and now the new process took only approx. 45 minutes without screen choking and zero dusting”


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