Steridose have utilized over 4 decades of manufacturing experience to produce the most dependable and advanced solutions for its customers. The mission is to employ its technical understanding and application knowledge to develop equipment that surpasses the growing demands of both biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers.The Sterimixer is ideal for demanding hygienic and sterileapplications such as those involving serums, vaccines, plasma fraction, bacteria and cell cultures and APIs. Magnetic mixers have become the trusted solution for applications where sterility cannot be compromised – all the liquid is contained and isolated.

High levels of Containment and Isolation

  • Increased yields with mixing to the last drop
  • Easy cleaning processes using standard CIP and SIP procedures
  • Compact design – no overhead equipment needed
  • Simple maintenance – safe and easy impeller and drive unit removal.
  • Gas entrainment and foaming is greatly reduced by the offset mixer mounting

The Sterimixer Magnetic Coupled mixer has the highest number of installations around the world. One of its customers is a contract manufacturer producing a wide variety of cough syrups. As their
business steadily grew, they needed four new tanks. Instead of doing things the same old way, they were looking for a way to make their process more hygienic. They approached Steridose to help them design an upgrade of their mixing process. Like any contract manufacturer, they needed flexibility – they may be making a 200 centipoise cough syrup today and they may get a contract for a 500 centipoise cough syrup tomorrow, the specific gravity varying with each recipe.

Steridose’s engineers used the data provided by the customer to arrive at a mixer selection that provides the customer with not only a solution for their new tanks, but one that added in a reasonable amount of mixing in reserve, so that they are future-proofed for continued growth and expansion. To find out more about this story go to:


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